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A unique investment opportunity

A unique investment opportunity

Environmentally friendly, low-cost and flexible setup. Edda Wind is the only investment opportunity for investors seeking SOV and CSOV exposure.

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Invitation to presentation of 1st Quarter 2024 results

Edda Wind ASA’s first quarter results for 2024 will be released on 22 May 2024. Kenneth Walland (CEO) and Hermann H. Øverlie (CFO) will present the results in a webcast at 08:30 CET the same morning.

The presentation will be held in English and will be virtual and can be followed through a live webcast below, or visiting here.

Financial Calendar


Analysts following Edda Wind

SpareBank 1 Markets

Jonas Fremming

Pareto Securities

Jørgen Opheim

Fearnleys Securities

Magnus Øye Andersen


Martin Huseby Karlsen


Roald Hartvigsen


Simen Lippestad

Arctic Securities

Sebastian Grindheim

ABG Sundal Collier

John Olaisen

Contact us

For further information or questions please contact:

Lars Stubhaug

VP Finance

+47 917 42 725

Annual reports

  • Edda Wind Annual Report 2023

  • Edda Wind Annual Report 2022

  • Edda Wind Annual Report 2021

  • Edda Wind Annual Report 2018-2020 – Consolidated Financial Statements


Quarterly reports

Annual General Meeting 2024

Please find links and guides below on how to register and attend the 2024 AGM.


VPS registration (Advance votes or Proxy)

Advance votes and Proxy may be registered here
(deadline 28 May 2024 at 12:00 CET).

Forhåndsstemmer og fullmakter registreres her
(frist 28. mai 2024 kl. 12:00).


Shareholders receiving notice electronically, must log on Investor services and choose Corporate Actions – General Meeting – ISIN (also available for shareholders receiving notice by post)

Aksjonærer som mottar innkalling elektronisk, må logge seg på investortjenester velge Hendelser – generalforsamling – ISIN. (også tilgjengelig for aksjonærer som mottar innkallingen postalt).


Live virtual attendance in the meeting

Live virtual attendance in the meeting here
(log in BEFORE the meeting starts at 12:00 CET on 29 May 2024)

Online deltakelse på møtet, klikk her
(logg inn FØR møtet starter kl. 12:00 den 29. mai 2024)


Lumi ID for the meeting: 112-383-988

AGM 2024 useful information

AGM (Annual General Meetings)

  • Input and proposals to the nomination committee of Edda Wind ASA

  • Edda Wind ASA – AGM 25-05-23

  • Edda Wind ASA – Notice AGM 25-05-23


  • Proposal nomination committee 2023

  • Edda Wind ASA – EGM 24-03-23

  • Notice Edda Wind ASA 24-03-23

  • Notice of AGM and Attendance slip and Proxy 2022

  • Edda Wind ASA – AGM – 06-05-2022


Other documents and presentations


Corporate Governance

Edda Wind ASA has made a strong commitment to ensure trust in the Company and to enhance shareholder value through efficient decision-making and improved communication between the management, the board of directors and the shareholders. The Company’s framework for corporate governance is intended to decrease business risk, maximise value and utilise the Company’s resources in an efficient, sustainable manner, to the benefit of shareholders, employees and society at large.

Articles of Association

Articles of association Edda Wind ASA ( 923 565 264)

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Our Management has significant experience from the offshore and shipping industry

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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has extensive experience within the industry, holding several board positions

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