Our strategy

Our strategy

Our strategy is designed to guide us towards a renewable future. Everything we do, from decision-making, our attitude and values to investments, development and operations should all work in unison to enable us to reach our vision.

The road to renewable

Our resolve in enabling a renewable future is exemplified by these three pillars of our operations:

Sustainability first

At every level, our operations are as sustainable as technology will allow. But technologies improve, and so can we. By choosing suppliers and partners that share our goals and values, and by being transparent, honest and always on the lookout for better methods and technologies, we aim to be the greenest choice in the market.

Enable zero-emission offshore operations

Our goal is to operate the first zero-emission vessel in the offshore wind market, while remaining highly effective, streamlined, reliable and cost effective.

Set the standard for C/SOVs

We are determined to push the boundaries for new technology and design development on all our vessels.


Our values

Collaborative and service minded

A sustainable future is a collaborative effort, and we are mindful of our supporting role. We listen carefully to our clients, advise where we can and make every effort to complete projects in the best interests of everyone involved.

Experienced yet innovative

We’re at the top of our game, but the game can always get better. Keeping an open mind to novel designs and solutions, and actively pursuing new knowledge to expand on our generations of experience, we will strive to be the most innovative supplier in the market.

Conscious and responsible

Green throughout, transparent and safe — for employees, partners and the communities we operate in.