Setting the standard for C/SOVs

Setting the standard for C/SOVs

Our fleet is designed to meet all the demands of our current and future clients by offering purpose built SOVs and CSOVs. All of our new builds are zero emission compatible, and are designed to provide safe access for personnel to the wind farms and the turbines – Access the Future.

Environmentally friendly fleet. Zero-emission ready

  • Future proof design

  • Newbuilds equipped with an energy efficient battery hybrid propulsion system

  • Newbuilds with a minimum of 30% Green house gasses reduction compared to the previous generation offshore wind service vessels

  • Vessels designed in close cooperation with Østensjø Rederi, leveraging the extensive offshore experience

  • Newbuilds prepared for zero emission operations without compromising operational capabilities

  • Working on developing new technologies based on hydrogen stored as Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers as energy source

  • Preparations for zero emission propulsion systems

  • Enabling a greener future

Focused design philosophy

  • Capable of personnel- and cargo transfer in harsh environment

  • Minimal manual handling of cargo and goods

  • Efficient workflow and deck utilisation for technicians

  • Stepless approach throughout the vessels

  • High comfort and welfare in single outfacing cabins for all technicians

  • Fuel efficient and low emission – zero emission ready


Håkon L. Vevang

Håkon L. Vevang

Chief Commercial Officer

+47 918 03 215