Code of Conduct

Edda Wind commits to operating with high moral and ethical standards. The company assumes that all employees acting loyally and responsibly towards the company and its customers, applying common sense and precaution in their work.

All employees must realize that he or she may be looked upon as a representative of the company also outside working hours, and should thus strive to act in accordance with the company basic value at all time.

Edda Wind will refrain from using illegal/inappropriate anti-competitive measures. The company does not accept any form of corruption. If a clear attempt of corruption is targeted at any employee of Edda Wind, the CEO is to be notified through Line Management. CEO will evaluate the further cooperation with the relevant company or person attempting to bribe. If in doubt whether a gift/contribution can be accepted, the case should be submitted to the individual’s line manager for decision.

Discriminations and harassment are not permitted in Edda Wind.

Anyone who suspects a violation of this Code of Conduct shall report this to the nearest line manager. No one shall suffer any retaliation from Edda Wind for reporting, in good faith, a violation of this Code of Conduct. Any violation of this Code of Conduct will lead to disciplinary actions.