The people

The people

As a part of Edda Wind you will experience passionate, open minded and encouraging colleagues – both at sea and on shore.

Meet some of them here – and hear what they enjoy most while growing in Edda Wind.

Ingeborg Kolbeinsen Lien

Ingeborg Kolbeinsen Lien wanted to work with a company within the renewable energy segment. Edda Wind became the perfect match.

“Edda Wind is a growing company with great potential. As a listed company within a global industry, Edda Wind could provide interesting tasks that suited my skillset”, says Kolbeinsen Lien.

Inclusive and fast-paced environment
And as VP Accounting and Compliance for Edda Wind the tasks are many and varied.

“My responsibilities include preparation of Edda Winds financial reporting and making sure that Edda Winds reporting procedures are sound and effective. I also work with Edda Winds sustainability reporting and compliance on regulatory matters, such as tax and transfer pricing reporting”, says Kolbeinsen Lien, and highlights the good teamwork as a favorite part of the job.

How would you describe the culture in Edda Wind?”
“Inclusive and fast-paced!”

Lars Stubhaug

“I have not yet had a boring day with too little to do!” So says Lars Stubhaug, VP Finance in Edda Wind.

He describes an exciting and varied working day.

“As VP Finance, I am involved in financing of Edda Wind and its vessels, projects related to growth and M&A and cash management. In addition, investor relations and market communication are important tasks of my day to day work. That being said, as Edda Wind is building up its organization and culture, I often get ad-hoc tasks that need my attention”, says Stubhaug.

He is highly motivated by the expected growth in the offshore wind industry, and the interesting discussions around how the company should position.

“The offshore wind industry is expected to grow significantly over the coming years. Discussions related to growth and how to best position Edda Wind for the years to come is highly motivating. There is significant experience within Edda Wind meaning that the discussions are very enriching.”

Seizing the opportunity for growth
Opportunity for growth was also one of several reasons why Stubhaug wanted to become a part of Edda Wind.

“Edda Wind’s reputation, track record and experience present an exciting opportunity for growth within sustainable energy solutions. The company is a market leader within its field while still in its early days, implying that there is room for new routines and ways of doing things. My interest and past experience related to the capital market, M&A and financing in general aligns well with the objectives and tasks that will be important for Edda Wind going forward”, says Stubhaug.

“A “can do” attitude
And like a growing offshore wind industry, the work culture is also in an exciting and growing phase – characterized by optimism and a good atmosphere.

“We are in a growth phase where procedures and cultures are created. The most important thing for me is then to have a “can do” attitude at this stage, and a winning mentality. I believe we have both. And of course, the people in Edda Wind seem to be coming to work to have a good time every day!”