A green future is not a given — it has to be built. Offshore wind turbines promise an endless supply of energy, but there are challenges. Far away from shore, in rough weather conditions, the wind farms are difficult to access. Edda Wind was formed to support these difficult operations, in the safest and most sustainable manner possible.

Big fans of the future

By combining innovative technical solutions and years of maritime experience, we enable our clients to successfully accelerate the transition to sustainable energy production.

We always focus on minimizing our carbon footprint when designing vessels. All our newbuilds are prepared for zero-emission technology. We deliver all aspects to the operation and crewing of the vessel in a safe, predictable, and sustainable way.

Sustainable sources

Our mission is to provide access to sustainable power sources – directly for our clients at sea, indirectly for consumers at home.

Zero-emission operations

Our goal is to operate the first zero-emission vessel in the offshore wind market, while remaining effective, reliable and cost effective.

Set the standard

We are determined to push the boundaries for new technology and design development on all our vessels.

Our approach

  • Our business model is to enable a greener future through renewable energy.

  • We work proactively and together with other industry players to face the challenges of climate change through improved, innovative solutions.

  • We act responsibly, consistent with fundamental ethical values, with respect for individuals, the environment and society.

  • We are transparent, and acknowledge our responsibilities. Through effective corporate governance, we work to decrease business risk, maximize value, and use the company’s resources efficiently and sustainably to the benefit of shareholders, employees, customers and society.